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21 grams
park benches
Your soul weighs 21 grams.
Like phantom limbs, this confuses physians.
Within a few seconds of death
you are freed from this excess weight
unless, of course, your soul is a dullard
in which case it could take up to a minute.

How does one know if death has really come?
A mirror under the nose, absent of fog
How does one amputate a phantom limb?
A mirror held up to an arm, absent of emptiness

One hundred and twenty six years from today
will be the last time anyone ever remembers you.
It's the day your grandaugter will die
having neglected to mention you much
to her own daughter.

Somewhere in Stratford there's a man who
has lost his sense of touch and he's upset
because there isn't a name for that
at least not a name anyone knows
and he's not alone.
There are at least 21 others in the world.
If he sees a pretty girl or a bird sings
he forgets how to walk and he stumbles


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